How does it work

Step 1:

fill out our 'patient registration form'. In this stage, you will be asked to provide us with your medical records, such as X-rays, MRIs and other test results. We will use those documents in consultation with our network of medical providers, in order to find the best options for you.

Step 2:

Our specialist determine whether medical tourism is suitable for you. We contact you, in order to explain the process, answer all your questions, discuss treatment options for your medical condition and learn your travel preferences. We describe the list of the services we provide, including 'behind-the-scene' services that ensure you will get the best treatment and the most comfortable trip abroad.

Step 3:

Our staff then commences work, researching choices available to you. Your medical condition and personal preferences frame our search, for the most suitable hospitals and doctors within our broad network. As we narrow the field to optimum choices, we provide your records to the doctors best matched to your situation. They each then evaluate your condition, make recommendations, and provide cost estimates.

Step 4:

Based on the information we have provided, you decide and choose your preferred option.

Step 5:

We arrange logistics. Once you’ve made your decision, we take it from there, make all arrangements and coordinate your travel.

Step 6:

Upon arrival to Israel, you will be greeted by our representative at the airport and driven to the hospital or the hotel. You will be introduced to your liaison, which will be responsible to coordinate your admission and all other details during your stay. You will meet with the medical team and your doctor will explain every aspect of your procedure in detail. The doctor will decide on the pre-operative tests you should take, before starting the procedure. The tests will ensure that there are no changes in your medical condition, since the transfer of records.

Step 7:

Your Medical Care. Your medical procedure begins, as we escort you through the whole period of the treatment. We keep in close contact with the medical team, throughout your stay. We also make sure that your family is updated frequently. You’ll be closely monitored during recovery.

Once the medical team has determined you’re ready to leave, you will either fly home, or be moved to nearby lodging for further recovery and follow-up care, physical therapy or tests as needed. Once you are back home, we stay in close touch, in order to assist you with any follow-up care needed. We stay in contact with you, for as long as you need and usually even after that. We also help you get answers from your doctor if any post- care issue arises.

Information and offers for treatments can be sent or received by fax or e-mail.

Your health is our concern. Your care is our mission