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RTMC medical, LTD is an international developer of healthcare projects specializing in complete turn-key solutions for healthcare projects, including medical supply, hospital and facilities engineering and consulting services.
With  one of the widest product selections and it is yours for the asking. We are a convenient a one-stop source and supplier of goods, services, finance for your hospital, clinic and practice needs.
Our healthcare supply lines range from inconsequential items such as scrubs or shoes, to large investments such as lasers and MRI machines from the world's top vendors.  Buying these health care supplies does not have to be complicated and we will help you in making a purchasing decision from a very large selection.

Supplies & Products

  • Physician & Hospital Supplies, Instruments and Equipment
  • Laboratory Supplies, Instruments and Equipment
  • Diagnostic Supplies, Instruments and Equipment
  • Medical software
  • Dental Supplies, Instruments and Equipment

Healthcare Project Consultancy Services
Years of experience developed a comprehensive design approach and consultancy services methodology to guarantee the success of all healthcare projects and include:

Development of a Business Case documents which outlines the justification for the start-up of a project:
• A description of the business problem (or opportunity) which exists in the business
• A listing of the available options for delivering a solution to resolve the problem
• The benefits and costs associated with each solution option
• A recommended solution option for approval.
It is the first document used in the Project Lifecycle and, once approved, allows the project to be formally defined.

Project Research & Feasibility Studies - we identify each of the solution options available and rates the likelihood of each option achieving the desired result:
• A full description of the business problem (or opportunity)
• A list of the requirements for a solution to fix the problem (or realize the  opportunity)
• Available options for delivering a solution
• An assessment of the feasibility of each option
• A list of the risks and/or issues associated with each option
• A preferred option to be approved for implementation.
To determine the likely feasibility of an option, a range of ‘assessment’ methods is undertaken. As there is a myriad of potential methods available to assess feasibility, and take time to consider the most appropriate method available to your project.

Planning, architectural design services
Health care facilities encompass a wide range of types, from small and relatively simple medical clinics to large, complex, and costly, teaching and research hospitals. Large hospitals centers may include all the various subsidiary health care types that are often independent facilities. The facility conveys a message to patients, visitors, volunteers, vendors, and staff. The facility also communicates a torrent of clues about the organization and the medical care being provided there. The clues start at the approach to the facility, the drop-off area, the parking lots, and the street signs. Ideally, that message is one that conveys welcoming, caring, comfort, and compassion, commitment to patient well-being and safety, where stress is relieved, refuge is provided, respect is reciprocated, competence is symbolized, way-finding is facilitated, and families are accommodated. The facility also influences employee service attitudes and behaviors. Finishes, signage, and artwork must be carefully selected, well coordinated, and integrated. Security can be balanced with some features apparent to patients/visitors, while conveying a message of safety. Thoughtful design can help ensure the proper first impression is created and sustained.

The major objective of planning, architectural design services, is to help our clients to arrive at a design and development solution that meets their health care delivery goals without compromising on quality. To accomplish this, we have helped create an integrated program that uses the design process to foster dialogue about local practices, initiate operational changes, explore new approaches to staffing, and identify training needs. We make the design process a collaborative effort involving every member of the care team. Through a program which uses computer-generated, prototypical designs, which are used to simulate workflows within the hospital, based on variables like staff availability, equipment utilization, and numbers of patients. Medical planning takes into consideration the latest revised international standards and publications that need to be incorporated in viable modern hospitals.
In addition our Planning, project management & design services include:

  • Equipment layout & technical services.
  • Interior design
  • Equipment specifications & scheduling.
  • Tender evaluation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Supervision of installation & commissioning
  • Procurement management services
  • Recruitment Services
  • Room data requirements (RDS)
  • Training Courses

Quality and Excellency of Services
We assist our clients to deploy Six Sigma as a quality management program to achieve "six sigma" levels of quality. 
Medical service is unique in its nature. A mistake in the delivery of the service can cost the patient his life. Any mistake in treatment has domino effect if it occurs at the crucial stage of management and can lead to serious consequences later on. This problem is compounded by the fact that there is tremendous variation in the expertise and knowledge of the deliverer, the facilities, the purchasing abilities of the consumers and different regulations, which intend to control this service.

To bring our client's healthcare operations to a Six Sigma level we provide data collection, institute rigorous stuff training about thinking in terms of process approach and process capability, understand and master various techniques of data analysis, fundamental concepts of statistical variation and control, knowledge of design of experiments and have a customer oriented view all the time. We know how to achieve balance between quality costs and benefits that are arising out of the quality initiatives.

National Healthcare systems are extremely complex and carry the responsibility of developing and maintaining healthy population, while providing efficient and uniform healthcare to entire nation.  Most of the countries in the world have national healthcare infrastructure in place, but the efficiency and cost of such systems significantly vary. From world history we learn that only healthy nation can provide a solid foundation for political, economic and social development.
Our company core expertise is in analysis and planning of the healthcare infrastructures, to develop political, social  and financial models to support development and operations of twenty first century high quality national healthcare. Our tem consist to notch world experts in evaluation, planning and design of large scale healthcare projects with multi disciplinary and comprehensive approach and methodologies.     
Our analysis and planning starts with study and evaluation of the existing infrastructure and development of solid plan of organizational, financial and technical approaches, taking into consideration objective constrains, local traditions and culture. While keeping in mind long term goals our methodology allows rapid improvement and expansion of existing infrastructure with tangible and measurable benefits.  
The formal plan, ones discussed and approved by political authorities can be used as blueprint for developing all aspects of healthcare system as multi year or even multi generation projects. The planning process relays on cooperation with local health givers, managers, doctors, nurses and social workers. Measurements of national demographics, geographic, economics, availability of professional work force and many other factors, combined with strategic goals of the government are a key elements in proper and successful implementation of such project.     
We propose to initiate the analysis and planning phase of development of National Healthcare program with the goal of providing national decision makers solid and substantiated vision and foundations for design of high quality twenty first century national healthcare infrastructure.